Online Finds: Zara Dress and Sleeveless Trench

Online Finds: Zara Dress and Sleeveless Trench

Zara Sleeveless Trench, Zara Dress

I am a die hard Zara fan and I am not afraid to admit it.  All of my friends know that 9 times out of 10, if they ask me where I got something, the answer is Zara.  I do most of my Zara shopping online.  I tend to order a bunch of things and then return whatever I don’t want to the store a few blocks away from my apartment (I love that they offer that option).  Two of my most recent purchases are this sleeveless trench and this knot front dress – and I absolutely love both.  They both fit great and are made of nice material.  The sleeveless trench has the perfect drape to it and can be worn a million different ways.  The dress is made of poplin and it is perfect for summer (although it may not work on someone with bigger boobs).  Happy Friday!


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