Online Finds: $12 Straw Boater Hat

Online Finds: $12 Straw Boater Hat

For the past few years I have been on the hunt for the perfect Panama hat.  I never found one.  Luckily for me, the boater hat is the new Panama hat, and I found this gem at Nordstrom for only $12! When I first decided I wanted a boater hat, I assumed my hunt would go just as well as my hunt for a Panama hat (ie. not well at all).  I saw all the cool girls wearing the Janessa Leone Klint Hat and mentally prepared myself to drop $188 on it because it just had to be good, right?  Well, no.  I ordered two sizes, and luckily for my wallet, neither of them looked good.  I’ve been down this road before… I thought to myself…  maybe I’m just not meant to wear hats? That’s when I came across the perfect boater hat by B.P. in Nordstrom.  Let me tell you, the quality and fit are amazing and the straw is so sturdy.  It looks MUCH more expensive than it is.  It is so good.  Trust me.

boater hat

Boater hat inspo photos by some of my favorite bloggers: Collage VintageSincerely Jules and Dash of Darling

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